MPA is the Music Production Academy of Rotterdam and “consists of a young team of ambitious producers, professional musicians, and innovative entrepreneurs” that needed an environment that better suit the mood and energy generated everyday in this space.

The first striking element is the anamorphic illusion revealing the MPA logo. Inspired by the art installations of the Swiss artist Felice Varini, the logo is visible just from a point of view. Walking from the entrance towards the other areas of the main room, the logo changes and become a sort of dynamic illustration.

The high ceilings and the poor quantity of light gave us the opportunity to design pendant lamps constituted by two skeleton cubes, one inside the other, that protect a ice cube like light source. The light colors can be changed thanks to the RGB bulb.

Finally, we designed luminous direction lines, a series of LED lights built that go towards the three classes downstairs and tell to the students if the rooms are free or busy depending on the color used.

Pictures by Agnese Pellino

Rotterdam, 2019