The speculative scenario explores the potential future relation between human and machine, using social media as a tool to present it. Transhumanism argues that the human species has not yet reached its final evolution, and that artificial enhancement of the human body and mind will help mankind to reach a new evolutionary stage.

The aim of the project is to explore the current and prospective developments of technology that facilitate such enhancement, embedded in the transhumanism theories, and how they will influence the future of interiors, which served to recreate the framework of the speculative scenario.

The design project is told and experienced by two characters, both living in 2030: @Zarathustra is a transhuman social media influencer in the social media platform “Next Evolution”, and its assistant, RazziBot, is a bot. I focused on the design of their physical and digital space. The introduction of new dimensions, the virtual and the augmented, allows to imagine a new environment where there are no rules and no boundaries.

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Rotterdam 2018